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Alexander Poole and Co., Process Service Albany NY

Corporation Service Expertise - We serve an average of more than 500
papers on the NY Secretary of State every week. More than many others
serve in a year.
Experience - Legal professionals have been relying on Alexander Poole
& Co. Inc. for more than 50 years...and many of our servers average over 10 years of individual experience.
Reliability - Legal professionals like you entrust us with more than
25,000 services annually… and the information on each service is databased in our computer systems. We are always striving to expand our computer and storage systems to enable us to retrieve service information for years to come.
Coverage - Alexander Poole & Co. rigorously maintains our own list of over 4,000 qualified correspondents to reach every city, town and village not only in New York State, but across the entire U.S.A. and Canada.
Service - We offer a full complement of prompt, professional services
to help simplify your practice, and maintain courtesies like advancing witness
fees at no additional charge. Our office is open weekdays from 9am to 5pm and your call will always be answered by our friendly staff.
Quality - Alexander Poole & Co., Inc. is a trusted firm of long experience,
and Upstate New York’s largest attorneys’ service firm because of
our unwavering commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction...
and we never stop striving to improve.

Dear Legal Professional;

   While we at Alexander Poole & Co. are pragmatists in most regards,
there is one issue on which I would characterize our dedicated staff
as idealistic: the pursuit of perfection.
   Of course, we realize that absolute perfection isn’t attainable in the
reality of any fast-paced business environment, but we believe that
striving for that perfection - working hard to satisfy every customer
every time - is the endeavor that sets us apart from those who
would compete only on the cases of a dollar or two of price differential.
   Don’t misunderstand - our prices are extremely competitive. In fact,
we’ve have managed to keep our cost increases to a minimum in the hardest of times.
   Our point is simply this: service is crucial,
and the lowest price is not necessarily the best value. We believe
that Alexander Poole & Co. has thrived and grown by offering legal
professionals the best value, and we hope you’ll give us the opportunity
to demonstrate this to you.


Tom Warner - President

Chris Warner - Vice President


Process Serving Albany for over 50 Years