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Service on the NY Secretary of State

Business Corporation Law

When you send your rush papers to Alexander Poole & Co., Inc., they will be submitted no later than the business day after we've received them...and most rush papers are submitted to the Office of the New York Secretary of State the same day they are received.

Prices quoted here represent contract customer or bulk quantity requests.
All others please call for quote.

Prices below reflect prepaid discounted services
Routine Service $18.00 / service (Prepaid)
"Statute Running" RUSH service $28.00 / service (Prepaid)
"Same Day" RUSH service $50.00 / service

Note: Please send two (2) copies of the action for each defendant corporation being served along with a cover letter outlining your request.

When advancing fees, please send a separate $40 check payable to New York Secretary of State for each defendant being served. You may submit a single check payable to Alexander Poole & Co. for the sum total of all our service fees. If papers are emailed, there may be a copy charge required to print 2 copies of the papers.

We also accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and checks by phone.

As stated directly on the NY Secretary of State Website (

Only "process" may be served on the New York Secretary of State as agent. "Process" is defined as judicial process and all orders, demands, notices, or other papers required or permitted to be personally served on a domestic or foreign entity, for the purpose of acquiring jurisdiction of such entity in any action or proceeding, civil or criminal, whether judicial, administrative, arbitrative, or otherwise, in this state or in the federal courts sitting in, or for, this state. (See §102(a)(11) of the Business Corporation Law, §102(a)(12) of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law, §102(x) of the Limited Liability Company Law, §121-101(o) of the Partnership Law.)

Under §253 & §254, Vehicle and Traffic Law
Service fees $25.00 / service
Dept. of State fees $10.00 / service
plus $12.00
certified mailing fees

Note: Two (2) copies of summons and complaint are required for each defendant; you will be billed for any additional copies needed and registered mail charges. Send a single check payable to Alexander Poole & Co. for the sum total of all service fees, plus separate $10 check(s) payable to Dept. of State for each service.



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